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Green Power Now! NATURALDADDY is a Cincinnati based green web hosting company. As far as I know, we are the only green web hosting company in the local area. If you are unclear on what green web hosting is, please read our page "WHAT IS GREEN WEB HOSTING?".

I was raised in Cincinnati, and presently live here with my wife and four children. Environmental conservation issues have been an interest of mine since childhood, owing mostly to the way my parents raised me, and a 10th grade biology teacher at Sycamore high school, named Edward Soldo. Over the years these interests have become more solidified as values that today help my wife and I navigate a number of choices we have personally and professionally. If you'd like to see a list of some of the things we've figured out how to do to keep our home and business in alignment with our conservation values, you can view it HERE.

The steps we have taken were taken not for show, or to prove anything to anybody, but because they have felt like the right thing to do. None of these decisions we've made have felt like a burden. You should probably be our client if you have a similar mindset. We believe we can make a difference by offering local green web hosting. It's not the only place we can make a difference. But it's an additional area locally in which YOU have a choice. Please consider joining us, and allowing us to host your local website and web applications. The electricity used to support our client websites is 100% sourced from regional wind turbines, and we only use data centers that are third-party certified to be 100% driven by wind and solar power. This insures that the power required to keep your website and web applications alive on the internet shall not support companies that are putting mercury, radioactive waste, or other chemicals in our air, water, and food supply.

This is easier to do than you would think, so I'm sure we won't be the only LOCAL green web hosting company for long. In the meantime, if you are a business owner or web designer looking for green web hosting in Cincinnati, I'm your guy.

Stefan Christian Densmore, Owner, NATURALDADDY GREEN WEB HOSTING

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