what is green web hosting?

Green Power Now! Green Web Hosting can do everything regular web hosting can do. The difference is that Green Web Hosting insures that the electricity used to run your website -- and all your web applications -- comes from wind and solar power, 24/7/365. How is this done? There are several ways to do it. We do it by partnering with one of our region's green energy providers for our local electricity, and requiring third party certifications when contracting with data centers.

Our local electric provider is Cincinnati Bell Energy, who guarantees that local wind turbines are employed for 100% of the electricity we use.1 We also insure that whenever we use an external data center that it is third-party certified to be using 100% wind and solar power. That's no coal-fired power, no natural gas-fired power, no biomass, no oil-fired power, and no nukes. Just wind and solar.

Why is this important? Coal, which produces about half of all electricity in the U.S. -- and about 2/3 of our regional electricity -- also produces most of the air pollution in the U.S., more than any other category of industry.2 This air pollution is not just unsightly. It puts mercury (in the form of fine particulate metal) into our air, which damages eyes, skin, and breathing passages, and has negative effects on the kidneys, lungs, and nervous system. It is also the major contributor to why we have mercury in our water and food supply. Given that 2/3 of our regional electricity is produced by coal, the finding that dangerous levels of mercury can be found in 70% of our local ground water, while alarming, should not be surprising. The toxicity and impacts of coal-fired power plants on the environment and public health, if not popularly known, have been well researched and documented over the years. You can download a full report here, and check our local air quality grade here.

And here's how all this is related to web hosting. Statistics show that the internet is still rapidly growing in the U.S., AND growing from 400 to 1000% a year world-wide!3 It is estimated that if energy consumption due solely to web hosting keeps raising at the current rate by 2020 the industry will be polluting the planet more than the airline industry.4 We believe we can make a difference by offering local green web hosting. Its not the only place we can make a difference. But it's an additional area locally in which you have a choice. Please consider joining us, and allowing us to host your local website and web applications. We also provide free consulting to help you identify other areas in which you can make a difference if ecological conservation is a value of yours that affords more action.

Stefan Christian Densmore, Owner, NATURALDADDY GREEN WEB HOSTING

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1. Yes, Duke Energy, our local distributor, does not control which way an individual electron goes as it flows through the electrical grid with other electrons from other sources. But they DO keep track of how many electrons are being used by our home and business, and that number is in turn purchased from the regional wind turbines contacted through Cincinnati Bell Energy -- such that we can say that all the energy we purchase is green, and all the money we spend on electricity only supports green industry.
2.Emissions of Hazardous Air Pollutants from Coal-Fired Power Plants, Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc., Report I7505, March 7, 2011
3.Data Center Energy Consumption Has Doubled Since 2000, Informationweek.com, February 15, 2007
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